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"Among Lloyd’s many gifts as a poet are the pertinent timing and freshness of her humour, [...] which can act as a necessary counterfoil to the often difficult content of her poems."

Landfall Review Online, September 2018

Review by Michael Steven

"Lloyd's poems often ask questions. In these, she is usually interrogating herself, leaving a sense that she is an explorer unabashed about taking readers along on the most intimate journey. I look forward to the next trip."

NZ Books, Issue 122, September 2018

Review by John Horrocks

"The Facts is a searing meditation on loss and art, lodged in the mid-point between beginning and end..." 

Metro, June 2018

Review by Toyah Webb. 

"This is gorgeous stuff."

Otago Daily Times, 18 June, 2018

Review by Hamesh Wyatt. 

"Lloyd has brilliantly mixed short, blunt, and punchy poems with long, winding, and rich narratives that tie The Facts together into one beautifully powerful and emotive collection..."

Salient, March 2018

Review by Alex Fenison. 

"Lloyd’s gaze isn’t just calm and resolute but at times hilariously dry." 

Cordite Poetry Review

Review by Amy Brown. 

"Therese’s collection takes you deep into personal experience that gets hooked up in the poetry of another, in matted ideas and the need to write as a form of survival. It makes you feel as much as it makes you think. It is a riveting read."

Review by Paula Green, NZ Poetry Shelf

"Her sharp, heavy and insightful words have garnered much praise, with poet Hera Lindsay Bird calling this one of her favourite New Zealand books..."

Review in Viva, NZ Herald




"…this is keenly observed and finely wrought verse… "

NZ Books, May 2014

"Therese Lloyd’s debut collection, Other Animals, invites you into little moments, anecdotes and scenes, from which you surf the poetic ripples. Poems enquire beyond the hum of everyday detail while her endings offer subtle surprises… Her tropes are miniature bursts on the line that add flavour and zest …Lloyd is a fresh and welcome arrival."

Paula Green, NZ Poetry Shelf

"Other Animals is a layered and nuanced collection that repays reading and re-reading."

Landfall Review Online 

"'Compost' by Therese Lloyd is probably my favourite New Zealand poem. This is the kind of writing I aspire to always. It’s also a poem that carries with it all the light you need to read it by, so I won’t waste time trying to illuminate it… but I hope to always be as brave in my work as Therese Lloyd is in hers."

Hera Lindsay Bird, Pantograph Punch

"Many poems had a strong aural appeal in the use of metre and the immediacy of language. […] Subtlety and surprise are strengths that engage the reader in the poetry of this collection." Takahe Poetry Magazine